AWU Installs Automatic Flood Lights

As part of a comprehensive project for the AWU, GBE Group and GB Electrical was tasked with addressing the issue of insufficient night-time lighting in the rear car park. The problem occurred following the failure of an existing light, leaving the area inadequately illuminated and potentially compromising safety.

To rectify this situation, GBE took swift action by installing two 150W flood lights in the car park. These powerful lights significantly improved the lighting conditions and the visibility of the rear door access, ensuring a safe environment.

In addition to enhancing safety, GBE implemented an innovative solution to optimise energy consumption. They installed an astrological timer that automatically determines the sunset time throughout the year. This intelligent system allows the flood lights to turn on just before sunset, providing adequate illumination when needed. They also turn off later in the evening when the building is empty, minimising power usage.

Beyond the lighting upgrades, GBE was also engaged to perform general electrical and lighting enhancements throughout the building. As part of these upgrades, access control systems were upgraded on all major doors, incorporating automation for improved functionality and compatibility with modern control systems. These upgrades not only enhance the usability of the building but also contribute to reducing overall power consumption and lowering the carbon footprint.

GBE’s expertise and commitment to quality have enabled them to successfully address the lighting and electrical needs of the AWU. The results in ensuring a safer and more energy-efficient building.

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GBE AWU Lighting Upgrades
GBE AWU Lighting Upgrades
GBE AWU Lighting Upgrades