SKG ISO-C Floor Loading

Dumb Waiters for Quick, Efficient Transportation

Up To 300kg Lift Capacity

Offices, pubs and industrial premises use service lifts like our ISO-C to move heavier loads, such as books or barrels of beer, between levels.

ISO-C has a variable travel height, lifts up to 300kg and has the option of floor level positioning, allowing workers to conveniently wheel goods in on dollies or trolleys.

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Service Lifts Move Heavy Loads With Ease

The ISO-C service lift features a galvanised steel structure, which provides strength and stability. Bi-parting doors allow workers to access the lift easily and a safety system prevents the service lift from operating if overloaded.

Like all our service lifts, it comes with a twelve-month warranty and two inclusive service visits in the first year of ownership.

Service Lifts for Improved Safety

Service lifts like ISO-C eliminate the dangerous task of carrying heavy loads up and down stairs manually. This reduces the risk of strain injuries (musculoskeletal disorders), trips and falls. Accidents like this cost companies thousands of pounds a year in rehabilitation costs, lawsuits and training replacement staff.

The ISO C model is ideally suited for pubs, offices and industrial premises where heavy items are loaded at floor level. The ISO-C has bi-parting doors and a carrying capacity of 300kgs.


  • Lift car made of stainless steel or galvanised steel.
  • All units serving on counter height are supplied with a removable shelf.
  • Landing doors are bi-parting.
  • Approved door locks.
  • A pit is required.