Safety Management


GBE Group carries out its electrical works to AS3000 and local service rules. All statutory testing is carried out to the required Australian Standards and WorkCover requirements.

Employees are trained and made aware of applicable standards and codes of practice.

Australian Standards and Codes of Practice are kept in our office library and on our online Service Management System as per our safety and Management System requirements.


The Management of GBE Group places the highest priority on the promotion of a healthy and safe work environment and on the prevention of injury and has implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan.

This plan is constantly being expanded, audited and reviewed in accordance with our Safesite 2000 plan and in 2005 was modified to make use of the latest in technological advances with our new online service management system that includes an WHS module.

The online module gives access to forms SWMS’s and risk assessments to our employees via a Smartphone and NextG network and provides us with QA time stamped documents that are accessible to our clients via a client web interface.

We have successfully completed a 3 year Audit process by AW Workwise for the Workers Compensation Premium Discount Scheme

GBE Group recently (2007) was accredited with Australian Accreditation services to Australian Standards for our safety and QA system. In 2009 we have completed further audits including the Master Electricians and Electrical contractors Association audits, CM3 WHS and Environmental Audit and an audit in December by AW Workwise.

We continually use these audit results to assist in the improvement of our WHS and Environmental systems and shall continue to strive for continual improvement.


Cm3 Contractor Safety Management is provided by Noel Arnold & Associates, one of Australia’s leading specialists in occupational health and safety risk management.

Cm3 addresses the need for both contractors; and the organisations they conduct work for to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities, along with providing assistance for organisations to better manage their contractors around health and safety requirements.