Employment & Apprentices


GBE Group recognises the current shortage of skilled trade people. We have since our incorporation had a policy to offer apprenticeships and to train our own people.

The GBE Group at this time currently employees three apprentices directly, eight are employed through Novaskill training group and several of those are mature age apprentices. We have recently taken on an Australian Government College apprentice that is working with us one day a week while completing their trade related Higher School Certificate.

We are involved with several schools in providing work experience for their Year 10 and Year 11 students.

From this it can be seen that GBE Group has a strong commitment for the training needs of a new skilled workforce.

GBE Group is always looking for talented and skilled tradespersons for roles in our various business unit specialities. If you have skills, passion and talent forward a resume to office@gbelectrical.com.au
GBE Group actively supports the training of apprentices and we are associated with various training groups, schools and group training companies including Novaskill and Electrogroup.