IMEM Silens Pro

Advanced High Performance Gearless Lifts

300-600kg Lift Capacity

Silens Pro® is a full range of machine-roomless lifts with gearless, permanent magnet traction motors designed to meet any vertical traffic needs. The Silens Pro® range of lifts covers a wide range of loads, sizes, speeds, applications and decorative possibilities providing the best solution for any project or type of building.

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Silens Pro Features

Machine Roomless

Silens Pro® lifts are machine-roomless, saving space and providing greater freedom in building design.

Quiet & Efficient

The Silens Pro® range of lifts is equipped with state of-the-art, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, compact and durable permanent magnet gearless motors.

Energy Efficient

Silens Pro® lifts have been given the highest score for energy efficiency in compliance with the VDI4707 standard according to the five categories for the intensity of use: AAAAA.

Travel Comfort

A Silens Pro® lift always provides the passenger with a unique travel experience characterised by smooth and quiet movement without oscillations, vibrations or sudden movements

Why Choose The Silens Pro?

Whatever the need and type of building, there is always a Silens Pro® lift capable of providing an ideal solution.

Door & Floor Options

The lifts allow automatic doors with telescopic or central openings, manufactured in a range of widths from 700 mm to 2100 mm. Available with different door panels and opening modes and finished in stainless steel, glazed or painted in a wide palette of colours.

Structure Manufacturing

For those projects that require it, we offer a complete range of modular assembly structures that can be manufactured for any size of shaft and configuration and finished in painted sheet or glass. We have both indoor and outdoor structures

Lifts For Every Application

The Silens Pro® range covers a range of loads from 300 kg to 4000 kg with speeds of 1 and 1.6 m per sec. This ensures that whatever the need and type of building (residential, hotel, hospital, shopping centre, office, etc.) there is always a Silens Pro® lift capable of providing the ideal solution.

About IMEM Lift Systems

The Perfect Lift System

IMEM is a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining lifts ever since 1968. IMEM is currently one of the leading Spanish companies in the lift sector and one of the most active and important manufacturers in the European market whose lifts are installed in over 65 countries across five continents, transporting hundreds of thousands of people every single day of the year.

IMEM is not only a prestigious manufacturing firm but is also a major centre for ongoing technological innovation. Throughout IMEM’s history, research into and the development of new applications, products and technological breakthroughs have contributed to significant achievements in areas such as traffic management, space-saving, communications, energy efficiency, mechanical and electrical innovation, as well as passenger ride comfort, to name but a few.

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