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Residential Electricians

Residential Master Electricians Newcastle

By choosing a Master Electrician you are choosing a quality electrical contractor who has proven they have the experience to provide you with safe, energy-efficient solutions.

GBE Group Residential Electrical Services

From domestic electrical power points to large industrial electrical projects. GBE Group has the capacity and knowledge to meet all your electrical service requirements.

Level 2 ASP

Trust our expertise in Level 2 ASP services for reliable and compliant electrical solutions in commercial settings.

Private Electricity Poles

GBE Group installs and installs private electricity poles. It’s the property owners legal responsibility to ensure they are safe and in good physical condition

EV Charger Installation

Stay ahead in the electric vehicle revolution with EV Charger Installation services for your commercial space.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Illuminate your workspace efficiently with LED Lighting Upgrades, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Service Aerials

Stay connected with our Service Aerials expertise, providing efficient and reliable aerial services for your commercial needs.

Electrical Rewiring

Optimise your commercial property with Electrical Rewiring services, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Point of Attachment

Trust our expertise in Point of Attachment solutions, seamlessly integrating electrical connections for your commercial property.

Switch Board Upgrades

Ensure the heart of your electrical system is up to code with Switch Board Upgrades, enhancing safety and reliability.

Need A Residential Electrician?

Why Trust GBE Group For Residential Electrical Services?


Rely on our skilled residential electricians with years of experience to ensure precise installation, smooth functionality, and long-lasting performance in your electrical systems.


We believe in quality over quantity. This means we use only the best materials and tools, ensuring your electrical systems withstand the tests of time and nature.

Customer Service

Our team prioritises your needs. From understanding your requirements to providing post-installation support, we’re with you at every step.

All our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality of workmanship and managed in accordance with our Quality Management System.

Our comprehensive range of services ensures we can offer the right services at a competitive price. Our experienced team are on hand to offer assistance throughout the installation.

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