Aussie Lifts – Mariner

Budget Friendly Multi-Level Solution

350kg Lift Capacity | 7.15m Max Travel Distance

Capable of servicing up to four levels with a maximum travel of 7.150 metres, the Mariner is powered by an advanced chain-over oil hydraulic drive system that requires no overhead space or structural support.

Offering an alternative to the costly expense associated with providing load-bearing walls, large slab footings and a machine room, the Mariner 16 comes complete with its own lightweight self-supporting lift shaft, landing doors and machine cabinet.

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Aussie Lifts – Mariner Features

Chain Over Oil Hydraulics

The Mariner 16 by Chain-Over Oil Hydraulics offers a smooth and reliable ride through its advanced chain-over 1:2 drive system and indirect acting oil hydraulic cylinders. Unlike traditional commercial lifts, the Mariner significantly reduces construction costs by eliminating the need for overhead space and requiring only a 100mm pit.

Cost Effective

The system offers cost-effective benefits, including a self-supporting lift tower that eliminates the need for load-bearing walls and the requirement for a separate machine room, saving space and simplifying construction. With only a 100mm pit depth needed, installation costs are minimized. It operates on single-phase 240v power, ensuring compatibility and low running costs. Bi-annual maintenance keeps upkeep expenses low, and its suitability for both internal and external installation provides flexibility for various environments.


Safety is a top priority with reliable features, including dual oil hydraulic chain-over cylinders for stability, emergency lift car lighting during power failures, automatic battery backup for lowering the car, additional manual lowering options, emergency stop buttons, alarms, and phones for immediate response, light curtain sensors to prevent door closure if obstructions are detected, and key lockable push button controls for added security.

Stylish Lift Car

The lift car interior combines style and functionality with features including an aluminium frame, laminate panels with shadow lines for a modern look, and standard amenities such as internal controls for each level and emergency stop, stainless steel handrails, non-slip carpeting, an automatic dialing telephone, recessed LED lights, door entrance light rays, and dual controls for convenience.

Why Choose The Aussie Lifts – Mariner?

Australian Made

Our low-maintenance lifts are designed and built locally to the highest standards. As one of the few non-importers in the market, every model exceeds Australian Standards for disability access.

Leading Warranty & Local Support

Our quality guarantees are second to none in the industry. If you ever do need replacement parts, they’re available right here – minimising downtime and delays, compared to waiting for components from overseas.

Cost Effective & Simple

Every Aussie Lift has low installation, maintenance and running costs – with just annual servicing required. They also don’t need load-bearing walls or machine rooms, which makes them suitable for more homes.

About Aussie Lifts

Made In Australia | Australian Owned

Aussie Lifts is an Australian-owned business that has been providing easy access to living since 1995. Specialising in vertical elevation solutions, they proudly assist everyday Australians to live independently, both in their home and within the community. Unique to most lift companies in Australia, their range of residential and commercial elevators is manufactured right here at our production facility in Brisbane.

This allows Aussie Lifts to offer personalised service and an affordable custom-built product without jeopardising quality or reliability and is conducive to very short lead times and ongoing availability of parts.

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