Vestner Platform Lift

Accessibility Solutions With Vestner

Up To 500kg Lift Capacity | Up To 1500mm Max Travel Distance

When navigating steps or stairs becomes challenging for you or a loved one, a platform lift can offer the ideal solution. Residential platform lifts and elevators provide an alternative to costly house moves or extensive changes to living arrangements.

By installing a platform lift, you can maintain independence and accessibility within your home, ensuring ease of movement between levels without the need for significant renovations or relocations.

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Vestner Platform Lift Features

Easy To Operate Controls

Intuitive controls make operating the Vestner platform lift effortless for users of all abilities.

Built-In Safety Features

Ensures peace of mind with robust safety mechanisms integrated into the lift’s design.

Back-Up Batteries

Continuous functionality even during power failures, ensuring uninterrupted access.

Low Running Costs

Energy-efficient operation minimizes ongoing expenses, making it an economical choice.

Compact Design

Space-saving design allows for installation in areas with limited space without compromising functionality.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Versatile enough to be installed in various environments, providing accessibility wherever needed.

Why Choose Vestner Lifts?

Made In New Zealand

Vestner products are proudly made in New Zealand. Vestner prioritizes local craftsmanship, quality materials, and innovative design to ensure each lift operates well.

Leading Warranty Support

All Vestner platform lifts come with a comprehensive warranty that covers the lift and installation when undertaken by GBE Group.

Accessories & Options

A full range of accessories is available to further complement the lift and meet specific client needs or requirements of the lift location.

About Vestner Lifts

New Zealand Designed & Manufactured

In August 2015, Vestner NZ Limited acquired the assets and lift business of Pandect Ltd, a reputable company in access solutions, founded over 30 years ago in Christchurch.

Operating as a family-run business, Vestner continues to design and manufacture products in Christchurch under the Pandect brand, emphasizing safety, durability, and compliance with national and international standards for accessibility. Pandect’s strong reputation in New Zealand as a platform lift specialist and its relationships with Australian lift companies further solidify its position as a trusted provider of access solutions.

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