IMEM Box Freestanding

Sturdy, Reliable & Long Lasting Goods Lift

Up To 2000kg Lift Capacity

The BOXlift© is a freestanding goods lift, specially designed for goods-only commercial and industrial use, and offers innovative and ground-breaking advantages over traditional goods lifts:

The Box lift – is a goods lift of up to 2000 kg in rated load, specially designed for use in buildings with high turn over and movement of goods between floors.

With a wide range of options available. The box lift can load capacities of 500, 100, 1500 or 2000 kg along with lift car configurations for each model.

IMEM Box Freestanding Features

Large Option Range

BOXlift© is available with load capacities of 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000kg, with a full range of lift car configurations available for each model. Over and above our wide-ranging selection of standard solutions, IMEM can also design the exact made-to-measure BOXlift© that you and your business need, adapting it to your precise specifications.

Straightforward Installation

BOXlift© installation is designed to cause minimum disruption to the day-to-day operation of your business and does not require messy on-site building work. BOXlift© requires no extra space at all for its installation. No major construction work is necessary inside your building: theBOXlift© comes with its own freestanding modular structure, fully capable of bearing the weight of the whole system.

No Machine Room

BOXlift© requires no machine room, no shaft headroom and no pit – everything needed for its effective operation is housed within its freestanding structure, including a 100mm shaft pit.

Energy Efficient

BOXlift© will reduce your operating costs: its energy consumption is significantly lower than that of conventional lift platforms.

Simple To Use

Transporting goods with BOXlift© is very straightforward and completely safe for the operative.

Durability & High Performance

BOXlift© is a long-lasting installation designed to work intensively, reliably and efficiently over many years. It is a robust goods lift, equipped with sturdy and hard-wearing lift cars which guarantee the safe transport of goods. Many different options are available to adapt eachBOXlift© to your particular needs: in-car buffer rails and kick plates, hard-wearing floor finishes in aluminium or steel chequer plate, manual shutter gates and picket gates.

About IMEM Lift Systems

The Perfect Lift System

IMEM is a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining lifts ever since 1968. IMEM is currently one of the leading Spanish companies in the lift sector and one of the most active and important manufacturers in the European market whose lifts are installed in over 65 countries across five continents, transporting hundreds of thousands of people every single day of the year.

IMEM is not only a prestigious manufacturing firm but is also a major centre for ongoing technological innovation. Throughout IMEM’s history, research into and the development of new applications, products and technological breakthroughs have contributed to significant achievements in areas such as traffic management, space-saving, communications, energy efficiency, mechanical and electrical innovation, as well as passenger ride comfort, to name but a few.

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