Barduva SB2000 Disabled Lift

Barduva SB200 – Vertical Disability Lift

450kg Lift Capacity | 13m Max Travel Distance

The Barduva SB200 is the ultimate performance vertical platform lift that is made using only the highest quality materials and designed to your needs.

In the Barduva SB200 platform lifts passengers are carried up and down at a maximum speed of 0.15 m/s within a shaft constructed of a multi layer aluminium sandwich type panels or glass panels to ensure the smoothest of trips every time.
The Barduva SB200 can be designed to meet any category of passengers including the visually impaired and wheelchair users.

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Barduva SB200 Features

Spacious Design

Ample room for users and belongings ensures comfort and convenience.


Despite its generous space, the SB200 remains cost-effective, accessible to a wide range of customers.

Energy Saving Technology

Incorporates energy-efficient systems to minimize power consumption and reduce operational costs.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

User-friendly design and comprehensive support documentation streamline installation and upkeep.

Versatile Use

Suitable for various locations, including residential, commercial, and public spaces, offering flexibility in accessibility solutions.

Customisable Platform Dimensions

Tailored solutions to meet specific requirements and spatial constraints, ensuring adaptability and functionality.

Why Choose The Barduva SB200?

Flexible Design

The Barduva SB200 stands out for its adaptability, offering a flexible design that can be customized to meet diverse needs and space constraints. Whether it’s a tight corner in a home or a commercial building with limited space, the SB200 can be tailored to fit seamlessly into any environment without compromising on performance or safety.

Low Space Requirements

With its innovative design, the SB200 requires minimal space for installation, making it an ideal choice for properties where space is limited. Its compact footprint allows for efficient utilization of available space, ensuring that the lift can be integrated into various settings without significant alterations to the building structure.

High Level of Security

Equipped with advanced safety features and robust construction, the SB200 ensures peace of mind for both passengers and operators. From sturdy handrails to reliable locking mechanisms, every aspect of the SB200 is designed to prioritize the safety and security of its users.

About Barduva

Increased Reliability and Flexibility

Barduva boasts over 20 years of experience in the lifting equipment market. Our platform lifts are crafted from inception with our proprietary technical solutions, incorporating cutting-edge research in mechanics and electronics. Every component is meticulously developed by our team of professional engineers, and assembly and testing take place in our factory, ensuring top-tier product quality. We prioritize innovation and tailored solutions, maintaining flexibility and responsiveness as our core values.

This approach elevates our customer service to exceed industry standards, allowing us to create new products, integrate innovative technologies, and offer the shortest lead times for existing products.