Train Station Upgrades

GBE Group sent out electricians from GB Electrical, to perform a number of upgrades and maintenance tasks at South Maitland Rail Yard. While some of the tasks focus on improving the lighting and general electrical safety of the yard, it is important to note why such safety measures are necessary in the first place.

Railways are one of the most highly regulated environments, with strict policies in place to ensure public safety. GBE has the necessary qualifications and certifications to perform such upgrades.

GBE Group Train Station Upgrades

Our electricians are trained to meet these high standards in this working environment. As a result, they guarantee that all tasks on-site adhere to local industry regulations and safety guidelines.

Furthermore, the electricians understand a safe environment is essential for efficient and reliable operations. Any electrical faults or failings may result in major delays to services, resulting in significant financial losses and disruption. Therefore, GBE Group ensures that all work performed at South Maitland Rail Yard meets the highest safety standards possible.

Our careful attention to detail and commitment to compliance with industry regulations, GBE Group guarantees a safe and secure working environment. We are proud of our work and are dedicated to upholding of excellence when it comes to electrical safety procedures.

Electrical maintenance and upgrades are just one of the many services GBE Group provide. To find out more, contact us today!