Hospital & Aged Care Servicing

John from GBE Group is the go-to man for Hospital and Aged Care Servicing. He was required to service the Pan Sanitisers recently. Bit of a dirty job, but John still finds the bright side to his day.

GBE Group is renowned for its diverse range of high-quality service solutions. These include keeping necessary equipment in hospitals and aged care facilities running smoothly. The team are true lifesavers, working hard to ensure the operation of important sanitation and disinfection products, such as pan sanitisers.

John services equipment in hospitals and aged care facilities

GBE prides itself on their customer service and industry expertise. They provide rapid response services that aim to minimise disruption in both hospitals and aged care facilities as much as possible. GBE offers essential specialist repair services for all hospitals and medically dependent establishments, allowing them to stay safe and worry-free.

The team consists of experienced technicians who have extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering, electronics and other related disciplines. GBE team are trained in safety standards and risk management to ensure all operations are conducted safely at all times.

In addition to providing maintenance services, GBE can quickly respond to breakdowns or urgent repair requests when they arise. Their fast response time ensures minimal disruption of service while keeping staff and facility users safe at all times. With their help, you can be assured that your commercial catering equipment will remain in optimal working condition.

Hospital and aged care servicing is just one of the many services GBE Group provide. To find out more, contact us today!